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If you are interested in a free Search Engine Optimization Demonstration, give us a call to make an appointment. We'll give you a tour of sites that we have developed and show you real-time Google results! Call 336.854.8599 now!

A Few Customer Testimonials

I've been a client of for 8 years. During that time I have consistently been among the top 5 in the major search engines. This has resulted in a steady stream of referrals without my having to spend a penny on advertising. My clients find ME — the very best kind of targeting.

Joseph A. Stirt, M.D.

When I had iComDesign design my website I was thoroughly impressed with the professional look and how it carried the message of my business. But, what amazed me even more was how fast they worked their ‘magic’ and had my website at the top of the listing when searched under Google within one month!

I would recommend iComDesign not only for their website design but how they have figured out the secret to getting your website to the top of the list. I have never found a web service so effective!

Steven M. Willen, DC, CCSP
Willen Family Chiropractic
Fibromyalgia Solutions Center of the Triad
3808-H High Point Rd.
Greensboro, NC 27407

"In our experience, iComDesign has been extremely helpful, friendly, professional, and qualified in their services to Atlantic Coast Toyotalift. We continue to have success with our website through their proactive approach to search engine optimization and website design."

Greg Creed - Atlantic Coast Toyotalift

"We had very little presence on any of the major search engines until iComDesign reworked our website. Within a very short period of time we were the first or second listing under a number of different categories."

Lori Loveland - Integrative Therapies

"Alternative Wellness & Beyond has grown markedly and I attribute this growth to the fact that iComDesign made sure that my web page is prominently listed in the major search engines.  I am also very thankful for their professional guidance and suggestions presented to me in the preparation stages of designing my site.  Their attention to large and small details is far superior to any other forms of advertising that I have done."

Polly Humphreys, Certified Hypnotist
Alternative Wellness & Beyond

Organic Search Results

Organic Search Results are search results provided by a search engine, collected through algorithms. Results shown are considered FREE listings and the top placements appear due to good Search Engine Optimization. It is a matter of enhancing the features of a web page that make it easier for search engines to find them and to determine their relevancy to a certain search.

At iComDesign, we have over 16 years experience in GOOD SEO. We never use the "quick fix", or Black-hat SEO.

Black-hat SEO is optimizing web pages using dubious techniques that violate search engine guidelines, such as sneaky redirects, cloaking and invisible text. Black-hat SEO is often practiced in order to rank high by deceiving the search engines into thinking that your page is more relevant to a certain query than it really is. Search engines are fighting black-hat techniques by constantly updating their algorithms so that they can more easily detect these web sites. Black-hat SEO may result in rank loss or even exclusion from the search engine’s database, i.e. not showing up in the results at all!

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iComDesign offers "Quarterly Search Engine Optimization Tune-Ups". The cost is $100 per quarter, or $400 per year. SEO is an ongoing process and requires revisits to make sure that your site complies with new search engine algorithms. For more information, fill out this short form and a representative will contact you.

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* Please note that while iComDesign applies over 15 years of experience and knowledge in proven Search Engine Optimization techniques, due to numerous variables, we cannot guarantee specific levels of search engine rankings. The process of achieving satisfactory results could take as little as a few weeks, or as long as several months. Note that rankings will also fluctuate over time, achieving more consistency as the web site indexing matures. Over-indexing can result in lower rankings. This is why iComDesign recommends SEO no more than quarterly. If immediate results are what you desire, consider a paid advertising or sponsored link package with the search engines.



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